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Before watching, check some useful vocabulary from the video part I.
Watch the video and choose the correct options from the list below.


DD 11

dd 12

Part II
Before watching, check some useful vocabulary from the video part ii.
Watch the video and match the figures with the ideas below.


dd 21

dd 22

Part III

dd 31

The Dinghy Derby has approximately a hundred race-boats in the event, which equals to about two hundred competitors. You have the driver, and they are responsible for powering the boat, you also have the navigator, and they are responsible for moving their bodyweight forward and backward in order to control and steer the boat.

We’ve also got in the order of 3000 spectators who come down and they watch the event because they are seeing a mechanic that fixes their car or a coffee shop owner that serves them their morning coffee – it’s all about the community, it’s really family event and there’s strong comradery and spirit within the town.

dd 32

dd 33

Part IV
Watch the video part iv and choose the best answer option.

dd 41

Before doing the next task, you may find useful to look at this vocabulary list:

dd 42

Creative task

Choose one of the following:

  • Write a story about somebody who had to take their relative’s place in a business, sport or somewhere else. Write about the business and how the character os your story has managed.
  • Write a story about an competition, a festival, a building, a tradition, etc. which originated as a result of a bet or a historical event.
  • Write a story about an event or a community project which have been possible because of comradery and friendship among people.

Your word limit for this task is 300 words. Type your answer in the box below:

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