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1 Watch the introduction to the video-story and choose the best answer option:

Test DC 1/1

2 Read the transcript of the video introduction. Find the expressions that mean the same as the russian ones. Type the words in the gaps.

There is a lot to love about living in a big bright city: people, culture, late-night food, but there’s something missing. It’s there but you can’t see it: the night sky.

Intro 2

3 Watch the video part one and choose the best answer option.


4. Read the transcript and find the English expressions that mean the same as the Russian ones. Type the words in the gaps.

This is a story about a small town in Colorado…

Actually two small towns in Colorado

… that are devoted to space.

Westcliffe has a population of 564 residents and Silver Cliff has a population of 575. This used to be a mining community, and then it evolved into a railroad community, and then into a ranching community. We are always looking to do something that will bring people into our community and lately this seems to be we need to invest in our sky.

So they made light pollution their enemy, they darkened their towns so that the night sky could become their star-attraction.

Have you ever seen the Milky Way that goes from horizon to horizon? 88 % of the world’s population has never seen the Milky Way. It’s the most magnificient thing in the world – that’s what we see here.


5. Watch the video part 2 and choose the best answer option.


6. Listen to the recording of part 2, try to hear the expressions which mean the same as the Russian ones and type them in the gaps.
Expressions in the test come in the same order as in the recording.
You don’t have to change the word forms.


7. Watch the last part of the video and choose the correct answer option

Finale 1

8. Listen to the audio extractS and type in the words that you hear.
One gap fits one word.

Finale 2

9. Vocabulary Check

Vocabuary test

10. Creative task

Choose one of the following:

Write about a place, community or a person, which (who) are trying to attract visitors by developing an unusial initiative, promoting an interesting activity or in any other way.

Imagine, you are in charge of your local community and your task is to increase its attractiveness. What would you do. You may choose you actual community, or take the one that you feel you would like to improve.

Word limit for this task is 300 words.

Type your answer here:

Стоимость проверки творческого задания — 500 рублей.

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